Welcome to XpresScreen! Our unique XpresScreen system is a revolutionary screen printing process that eliminates the need for a darkroom or the chemicals and emulsions required by traditional systems.

The XpresScreen system uses carbon-based artwork, which can be produced on a laser printer, copy machine using black carbon toner. Our pre-treated screen mesh is ready for immediate use, and is NOT light sensitive like it’s conventional counterpart. The intense heat produced by our Screen Maker 1000 (SM-1000) exposure unit “burns” a screen in seconds. Pre-press time is shortened from hours to minutes! The XpresScreen system is designed to be easy to use and provide excellent results for every screen printer on small run jobs or the quick fill in order. This system is designed to make you a successful screen printer in a short amount of time in your home or existing business!!


Carbon makes our revolutionary XpresScreen system possible! Using carbon-based artwork, our SM-1000 exposure unit burns your screen in a fraction of a second. The intense light of the xenon bulbs in the exposure unit combined with the carbon of the artwork creates a highly concentrated heat that burns your image onto the screen.


Original artwork that is carbon-based (reproduced on a plain paper copier, laser printer and some ink jet printers using black carbon inks), can be used to burn a screen.
The SMIOOO comes equipt with 4- xenon flash bulbs that when flashed, the white light delivers an infra-red exposure that heats up the carbon-based artwork. This allows the heat sensitive coating to open and allow ink to flow through the stenciled screen for silk screening t-shirts, caps, tote bags and more!


Weight: 95 lbs.- shipping weight 98 lbs – (plus 40 lbs for shipping skid)
Image Area: 9″ x 13″
Size: 27″(L) x 21′”(W) x 11″(H)