Q1.How long does it take to receive equipment?
A1.Typically 10-14 business days to your doorstep.

Q2.What is the cost of the mesh?
A2.The cost of a 15″ x 18″ with 70 mesh is $5.50 per screen.

Q3.How many prints can I get per screen?
A3.Typically 1 print to approximately 500 prints.

Q4.Can I purchase 220-voltage equipment??
A4.Our equipment operates off of 110 voltage (standard) if need exists can be upgraded to 220 voltage.

Q5.What is the size of the mesh?
A5.18 inches in width and 67 feet in length.

Q6.What are the mesh counts offered?
A6.Our mesh is a pre-coated heat sensitive screen, which comes in sizes 70, 100, 135 and 120; with 70 being equal to a 110 mesh.

Q7.What are the frame sizes?
A7.We have several frame sizes, with the most popular sizes being 15″ x 18″ or 18″ x 21″

Q8.Can we get financing?
A8.Yes, we work with third party leasing companies.

Q9.What can I print on?
A9.Virtually any flat surface.

Q10.Can I save the screen?

Q11.What are typical cost savings when using the XpresScreen system versus a
traditional screen printing system.
A11.In addition to the costs associated with reduced space and time requirements, the XpresScreen system reduces costs of screen production from about $15.00 to $5.00, a savings of 67% per screen.

Q12.Can I print half-tones?

Q13.What kind of artwork do I need to use?
A13.Artwork should come from a carbon-based source.

Q14.Do I need to use chemicals?
A14.NO chemicals are needed at all.

Q15.Can I work in a retail space?
A15.YES. You can setup a complete XpressScreen print shop in about 100 square feet of space.

Q16.How long does it take to make a screen?
A16.You can make a screen within 5 minutes.

Q17.What are typical space requirements for an XpresScreen Shop?
A17.Complete Turn-key┬Ł packages – including an exposure unit, dryer, printer, spot dryer, and supplies – will fit in a 100-150 square foot space. Since our mesh is disposable, you do not need an expensive high pressure screen reclaimer or special plumbing required by most traditional screen printing shops.

Q18.Are there other ways to use XpresScreen equipment?
A18.You can make rubber stamps with the XpresScreen exposure unit.

Q19.Do you have technical support?
A19.Yes, we have technical support available by contacting our offices at 1-800-597-9530.

Q20.How do I pay for equipment?
A20.We accept cash, checks, credit cards, C.O.D. and financing.

Q21.Do you have training?
A21.We offer 2-day hands-on training classes each month at our offices.

Q22.Where do I buy supplies? Can I get supplies sent to me quickly?
A22.We are a one-stop shop for all of your supply needs. XpresScreen offers overnight, 2nd day and 3rd day shipping via UPS.

Q23.What is the warranty?
A23.Every piece of equipment is backed by a comprehensive manufacturers warranty. Call for details.

Q24.Can I get Material Safety Data information?
A24.MSDS sheets are available upon request.