Screen Maker Package

The Screen Maker Package is for the person already in the screen printing business who is looking for a cleaner, faster, and less costly method of making screens. Our unique screen making system is the most economical method for making screens in the industry today.

This package comes with the XpresScreen Screen Maker 1000 (SM-1000) which eliminates the need for a darkroom, chemicals, emulsions, or any special plumbing needs. The XpresScreen system makes it possible to go from finished artwork to printing in approximately 5 minutes, and also speeds production time which means more profits for your business.

Included in the package is:

Screen Maker 1000 Exposure Unit

  • 1 Roll of 70 mesh screen (18″ x 67″)
  • 2 18″ x 21″ metal frames with frame clamps
  • 1 Set of (5) 18″ x 21″ wooden frames
  • 1 Bottle of Block-out
  • 1 Carbon Pen