Steps for Rhinestone Process

Rhinestone Decorating

made simple with the

Choose a pre-made rhinestone design or create your own with i-DesignR Software. Do NOT resize it.

Feed the red Graphtec Rhinestone Stencil material into the CraftROBO Pro. The standard blue-tipped blade holder and CB09U blade can be used.

For 10SS (3mm) and smaller rhinestones, the optional red-tipped blade holder and CB15U-K30 blade gives optimum results.

Set blade depth
Set the force to 24
Set speed to 30
Set quality to 1
Set Tangential Emulation to 1
Set the Start and End points to 0.028″

Lift the rhinestones (now attached to transfer tape) from the template and position the design on desired surface.

Let the rhinestones cool, then peel the transfer tape.

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Peel the backing from the template material leaving the circle cutouts behind. It works best to peel the material off in one quick motion.

Gently brush rhinestones into template holes using a brush (one is provided in the optional Starter Kit).

Set the heat press to 350 degrees F, for 10 seconds, press on medium.

and dry clothes
inside out. Use caution
when operating a heat press.

Graphtec Rhinestone Stencil material
Roll of 15 in. x 10 yds.
Part #GRS1510


Affix the template material to a rhinestone backing board.

Once all of the rhinestones are positioned face-up in the template, cover the design with a piece of transfer tape.

The new rhinestone design is now ready for sale!