SM1000 is a Digital Screen Maker That Can Turn Carbon-based Artwork Into a Screen Mesh in Minutes

Using black carbon-based artwork, the SM1000 uses a pre-treated screen mesh and is ready for immediate use. The SM1000 exposure unit can burn a screen in seconds and reduces pre-press time from hours to minute. This system is designed to make you a successful screen printer in a short amount of time, in your home or existing business, and is perfect for quick-turn or small projects.

Original artwork that is carbon-based (reproduced on a plain paper copier, laser printer and some ink jet printers using black carbon inks), can be used to burn a screen. The SM1OOO comes equipped with four xenon flash bulbs that deliver an infrared exposure that heats up the carbon-based artwork. This allows the heat sensitive coating to open and allow ink to flow through the stenciled screen for silk screening t-shirts, caps, tote bags and many other items.

Mesh Tpyes and Sizes:
​70 Mesh: (18” x 67’)
100 Mesh: (18” x 67’)
​135 Mesh: (22” x 65’)
1/2 Roll 135 Mesh: (18” x 33.5”)
120 Mesh: (18” x 67’)

We offer mesh for SM1000 in every size for your creations.

Attribute Description

Image area size

(width x length)

9” x 13”

Screen making time

Approximately 5 minutes

Power source

110V =/- 10%, 60Hz, Lamp 3400J

Power consumption

Approx. 800W

Unit dimensions

(width x depth x height)

21” × 27” × 11”


Approx. 95lb