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Fast, Affordable & Environmentally Friendly Way to Screen Print

Located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Xpresscreen offers a digital screen printing process that’s easy, affordable and friendly to the environment.

Our impressive thermal screen maker system uses no chemicals, no emulsions and eliminates the need for a darkroom. Long gone are the days of multi-screen meshes and drying time. Xpresscreen shortens pre-press time from hours to minutes, saving time and money while producing top quality single and multi-color printing jobs.

Beating the Competition in Cost, Time and Space Requirements

Controlling costs is important for every business. Our thermal technology helps you control costs with complete turn-key packages including an exposure unit, dryer, printer, spot dryer and supplies. With our process, screen mesh is disposable so you do not need an expensive, high-pressure Screen Reclaimer or special plumbing that is required in most traditional screen printing shops.

Xpresscreen allows you to be fast and efficient, giving you the added advantage of offering same-day printing service to your customers on most projects. It only takes minutes to print from your computer to your screen printer that fits in your office since there is no water or dumping process.

Our Services Don’t End After You Purchase Equipment

We are here to help and with every Xpresscreen system purchase, we offer ongoing, free technical assistance; training sessions on the equipment; and instruction videos and manuals along with a complete line of products and supplies.

The new innovative MiScreen is an affordable direct-to-screen thermal screen exposure unit which images directly from a computer. It eliminates the need for chemicals, emulsions, or water, keeping costs lower and improves setup time.

Call or email to see how the Xpresscreen system will make your business more productive and profitable.

Now Offering Mixing Systems – Make Your Own Colors!

Colors Available: UMX Mixing White, UMX Mixing Black, Orange, Red, Burgundy, Dark Magenta, Dark Violet, Dark Blue, Marine Blue, Blue, Dark Green, Yellow, Bright Gold, Ultimate Yellow, Ultimate Blue, Ultimate Purple, Ultimate Red, Ultimate Pink

*Available in Pints, Quarts, Gallons & 5 Gallons.