Thermofax Screen Mesh

If you have been lost trying to find a Thermal screen Mesh that works with your Thermofax then look no more! Xpresscreen has been selling thermal Screen Mesh for over 20 years and we are thrilled that we can help Thermofax machine users. Our Thermal Screen mesh can be used with Thermofax Machines.

Thermal Screen Mesh is a unique combination of polyester screen-printing mesh and saran thermal film that can create any design within seconds using a unique thermal transfer process.

Thermofax mesh is used for all fabric applications and is also suitable for use onto cardboard, ceramics, paper and other materials.

  Thermofax Mesh

Stock #    Description      

1049     70 Mesh (9” X 67’)

1050      70 mesh (18” X 67’)

1052     100 mesh (18” X 67’)


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