The GOCCOPRO QS2536 is a High-resolution, Digital Screen Maker

The GOCCOPRO QS2536 is a high-resolution digital screen maker for large-size printing. This is an environmentally friendly, completely dry digital thermal screen making system, using no water or chemicals and requires no exposure or drying, and enables speedy screen creation. No emulsion is used, eliminating washout steps, and there is no waste water.

The GOCCOPRO QS2536 handles a frame size up to 25” x 36”. It uses a long high-resolution thermal head of 1,200 dpi for a stable precision screen making process. This is the best screen maker for the printing industry due to its extra-large screen size, multi-color printing and high-precision screen making. Plus, the compact size will fit on a table.

Digital Screen Maker Frame Types and Sizes:
Aluminum Frame: (19” x 23.75”) with and without frame adhesive
Quick Self Tension Screw Frames: (21”x 23”), (22” x 31”), (25” x 36”)
Screen Door Frame: ​23” x 30”
Newman Roller Frame: 22” x 28”

Mesh Types and Sizes:
70 Mesh: (44.5” x 10’)
1/2 Roll 70 Mesh: (22” x 10’)
120 Mesh: (44.5” x 54.7 yards)
1/2 Roll 120 Mesh: (22” x 18’)
200 Mesh: (44.5” x 18’)
1/2 Roll 200 Mesh: (22” x 18’)

Attribute Description
Image area

size (width x length)

Min.  0.39” × 0.39”
Max. 17.99” x 29.88” (frame thickness of .79”)
17.91” x 28.90” (frame thickness of 1.77”)
Screen making time Approx. 200 seconds
Resolution 600 dpi x 1200 dpi

(perforation density: 1200 dpi)

Memory capacity 128MB
Supported OS Microsoft Windows® 10(32-bit/64-bit), Windows® 8.1(32-bit/64-bit),

Windows® 7(32-bit/64-bit)
OS X10.9 (64-bit)/10.10(64-bit)/10.11

(64-bit), macOS 10.12(64-bit)

Network interface USB2.0
Power source AC100-240V, 50-60Hz, 3.6-1.4A
Power consumption Max. 300W
(width x depth x height)
47.83” x 31.50” x 16.14”
Weight Approx. 154 lb

Payments as low as $545.00 per month.

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