We Offer a Wide Variety of Screen Printing Dryers For Any Size Business

Xpresscreen offers a wide variety of dryers for businesses of every size.

Xpresscreen offers the revolutionary Little Buddy II (XPD) printer/dryer combination.

The XPD is the new, space-saving way to screen print. This innovative combination gives you the ability to print & dry your garments in a 6’ x 6’ area.


  • 4-color/4-station press with micro-lock registration
  • 5 feet tunnel conveyor dryer w/locking casters
  • Standard 120V (Available in 240V)
  • Double-wall insulated dryer oven
  • “Hassle-Free” belt-tracking
  • Capacity of 70 pieces/hour
The Little Buddy II (XPD) Printer Dryer combination enables screen-printing shops to produce six-color prints in a production area of less than 10’ x 10’ and can cure 70 shirts per hour.

Little Buddy II

Ideal dryer for small shops, short runs and on-site jobs. Compact, lightweight and versatile, it can dry up to 100 shirts per hour. The Little Buddy II is designed to get you started and running for many years.

Big Buddy III

This model has precise 2-digit speed control, hassle-free belt tracking and quickly cures any ink line to the fabric. The heating elements are also designed so the heat is equally distributed from belt edge-to-edge. 

Black Flash: Sizes
range from 16” x 16” to 28” x 28”

The industry standard for flash curing inks on textiles and other substrates. The most dependable, efficient and reliable flash dryer on the market today, the Black Flash is available in a variety of sizes, strengths and accessories to customize to your needs.

Afford-A-Flash: Sizes range from 16” x 16” to 28” x 28”

The perfect low-cost start-up unit or an inexpensive auxiliary system for established shops. Built with the Black Body® heating element and comes standard with a 10’ cord, strong stand and casters for portability.