Screen Printing Equipment Supplier with More Than 25 Years of Experience

The Xpresscreen system for screen printing was first introduced to the marketplace in 1989 by XPRES Corporation. In 1990, our six-step screen printing process was voted “Best New Product in the Screen Printing Industry.” For more than 25 years, we have been the premier supplier of chemical-free screen printing equipment. We are a one-stop shop for all screen printing supplies including digital screen printers. cutters, dryers, heat transfer machines, textile vinyle, frames, meshes, inks, cleaning materials and more.

Since then, we have created the ideal system and have made the screen printing process more efficient and affordable for companies worldwide.

The Xpresscreen system is perfect for all businesses from start-up ventures, established screen printers and embroidery shops — to vinyl shops, sign companies, sporting goods stores and schools. Our system is ideal for small and large product runs.

Xpresscreen offers a small footprint that allows full printing capabilities in 100 square feet and has turnkey packages that include an exposure unit, dryer, printer, spot dryer and supplies. And there is no need for additional work space because there are no emulsions, darkrooms or water.

At Xpresscreen, your success is our success and we value our relationships. We offer training sessions on equipment purchases, instruction manuals and videos as well.

If you have questions, email or call toll free 1-800-597-9530 and find out how Xpresscreen can help you.