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From the first call I made to Xpresscreen they have all been extremely helpful. The customer service is excellent; I had a problem with a bulb once and I took it to their office, they replaced the bulb for me and it worked good as new. I always get fast/next day shipping which is super nice since I wait until the last minute to place my order. Any time I had a question (no matter how silly) they have always been eager to help. A few weeks after I got my new set up (Screenmaker 1000) and all its attachments I was in a pinch to complete a batch of shirts and Jared drove to my office on his day off to help me finish the task. He did not ask for any compensation, I did not feel rushed, and he was thorough in his explanations. He went above and beyond to make sure I felt comfortable with how the process worked before he left. I am thankful for this company even though I never thought I would be in the screen printing business until I walked into their office to buy a heat press one February morning. 

Sydney Wall
Dan River Oil

Signatures by Design was launched as an embroidery business. Soon after launch we bought out a competitor who also offered screen printing. It only took a few days to realize we were in over our heads with all the nasty chemicals involved with traditional screen printing. One of the suppliers that came through the acquisition was Xpresscreen Inc. which turned out to be the most value asset Signatures could have had.

The Xpresscreen’s screen making system is the most environmentally friendly we have seen. It uses no chemicals, no emulsions and eliminates the need for a darkroom. It does not require multi-screen meshes and hours of drying time. Their system shortens pre-press time saving money while producing top quality single and multi-color printing jobs for just a few dollars a screen.

We recently upgraded to the GOCCOPRO QS200 system which speed up the process even more to just minutes by Allowing us to go from artwork directly to burning a screen. We could not be happier and would highly recommend Xpresscreen people and systems to anyone wanting to get into this industry.

Steve Ogle
Signatures by Design

Just wanted to say thank you for all of the advice and knowledge that you have giving to me over the past 15 years.

It is a nice feeling to have confidence in the company that delivers all of my printing needs!!!

Ed Lloyd
Just Sports

Copy Systems has used XpressScreen products and procedures for over 5 years now.  Would highly recommended it.

Justin Tallman
Copy Systems Business Center